Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Renovation 2012

The Big One.





By the numbers: (you can sing 12 Days of Christmas, if you like… I like)

1 roll of plastic sheeting

19 hours of ceiling scraping

10 trips to Lowe’s

9 muscles we didn’t know could be sore

8 swings with the sledge hammer

7 piles of debris

6 surprises found

5 bags of ceiling popcorn… from the 19 hours of scraping

4 days without a kitchen

3 really sturdy soffits… really really sturdy

2 exhausted people

1 huge truck load to the landfill


Demolition pretty much complete. After the texture and paint go on the ceiling, the carpet can come up and we’ll have a nice empty space to work with. I can not wait.