Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Great day in Florida

Today, I was about to take Gus for his walk around the neighborhood and the weather was just TOO gorgeous (70s and sunny) so we decided to go to the beach. I brought my mythology book (thus furthering my resolve to refresh my memory) and we found a beautiful spot at St. Joe beach (where dogs are allowed, just past the time-zone change in the next county). Seriously, it was the best day ever. Once we got there, I didn't want to leave. The temperature was PERFECT and there was a just-so-soft breeze coming in off the water to cool off from the warming sun. We had the whole beach as far as we could see to ourselves and Gus behaved himself very well the whole time too! So that's how I spent this DECEMBER 17th! I love Florida!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I do LOVE living in Florida! Today, I drove with the windows rolled down; my attire these past few days has been flip-flops and short-sleeves; and we actually have had the air conditioner turned on. I know! It's awesome!

The downfall has been that it doesn't really feel like we should be having Christmas NEXT WEEK. I have been looking for a Florida Christmas ornament - something tacky, but not tacky, like a palm tree with Christmas lights. Rob and I found a glass pelican that we bought to remind us of our time here. Gus loves to chase the pelicans at the beach - he thinks he can catch them!

There's not a lot of note to relate. Saturday, we went out with the other B-coursers (those are the other F-15 students). Sunday we had dinner with some great friends who are moving to Virginia soon - I'll miss you Emily!!! Those of you who get her at Langley are so lucky! Yesterday I made cupcakes and brought them to the squadron today - yum! Tomorrow I plan on wrapping presents. It's a nice life.

OH!! The concrete guy called me back and he is interested in working something out - I can volunteer there in exchange for learning how to make concrete countertops! I'm so excited!! I'm thinking this is a brilliant way to "get a job" - I get to learn about making concrete AND exercise my skills! And maybe one day, if I'm in one place long enough, I could actually get hired after they see how awesome I am. :-)

Tagged! Here is my response to Mari's tag post - thanks, Mari!

The Rules: Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Fact 1
I am a mythology nerd. In high school I was in the Latin Club (president my senior year) and we went to Latin competitions where I competed in mythology and Latin mottoes. I recently resolved to refresh my skills when I did not remember that Boreas was the name of the North Wind (thus the Auroras Borealis - Northern Lights).

Fact 2
I talk to Gus during the day. Yea, I talk to my dog. "So what do you want to do today, Gus? Go for a walk? Yep"... "No, this is my coffee. Trust me, you're not interested"... "Can you believe that woman actually wore that sweater on What Not to Wear? I know! That's so ugly."

Fact 3
My favorite book of the Bible is Genesis. I love that my powerful God created the world and knows and cares for every tiny being. Plus, that he had a plan for our salvation all the way from the Beginning!

Fact 4
I have a masters degree in marketing. It's cool.

Fact 5
My favorite movie of all time is Babe. "The pig movie?", you say. Yes. Not only is it simply delightful, it has wonderful themes about prejudice, change, and standing up in the face of opposition. It's so good!

Fact 6
I miss my cat, Chai. He is a Siamese short-hair - the best kind of cat you could ever have! Funny, entertaining, and awesome. I gave him up when I got married. I miss him. Louie, if you're reading this, thanks for giving Chai a great new home!

Fact 7
I love projects. Some of the latest: concrete table top, flowerbeds, tree trunk side tables, yoga mat bag crocheted from plastic grocery bags, and more! It keeps my problem-solving skills sharpened.

Since I only know a few people who do blogs (and none of them are required to respond to this post if they're not interested)...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Squadron Christmas Party

Some of the other student spouses

The past weekend on Saturday was the 95th Boneheads Squadron Christmas Party! It was held at the Bay Point Marriott - one of the very nice hotels in Panama City Beach. I have to tell you my husband's work parties are way more fun than any other work party ever! Cocktail hour began at 5:30. There was dinner, a goodbye to a member moving on to Nellis, prizes, karaoke, and fun with the 95th - a group of great people! Rob and I didn't leave the hospitality suite until around 12:30! Favorite parts of the night: taking crazy fun pictures with the other student spouses, Rob and the other students wearing tacky sweaters, a very tasty dinner with great company!

Left to Right: Christina, Erin, Sarah, Me, Taryn, Katy

As part of a Christmas present to each other, Rob and I got a room at the Marriott for a little mini-vacation. It was so nice! We had a leisure breakfast the next morning and just enjoyed being "away". We love living in Florida! Vacation is only 30 minutes away! :-)

That afternoon, the lovely Taryn gave us a photo shoot at the beach per my request (our last nice photos of us are really from our wedding). Rob said he'd never had so much fun taking pictures! Way to go, Taryn!

Monday was the 95th spouse coffee. I love the spouse coffees! Actually, I love being a fighter pilot wife! I love it all! I came home from the coffee and thanked Rob for having this job because that means I get to have my job! And I love it!

Concrete table so far!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

F-15 Solo and Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's a little update:

Rob's F-15 class is the baby class and now the duties of cleaning the squadron bar has been passed to them. So, Saturday before Thanksgiving, we got up early-ish, took pictures in the F-15 (not every week, this was just special), and went to clean the bar along with a few others in Rob's class. The night before had been a naming party (where pilots get call-signs) and it was especially dirty. Now, as a wife, I don't actually have to clean the bar, but I wanted to help out my husband, you know. But when I got there, it turned out to be kind of fun simply because the bar was SO dirty and cleaning it made SUCH a BIG difference! I do love to make things beautiful and cleaning certainly falls under that. There was actually a few things that I couldn't NOT clean because they were so amazingly awful. Ah, the joys of being a pilot wife... :-)

Tuesday, Rob had his first solo in the F-15!!! It was so exciting! I got to go out and take pictures too! Of course, I brought cookies, because Sheppard taught me that it's always a good policy not to go to the squadron empty-handed. :-) I was so pleased - Rob told me that people were talking about the cookies the rest of the day - "Dude, did you get any of the cookies in the bar?... Your wife made those cookies? Man, they were good!... You got two? There was only one left when I got there!" By the way, I used Erin Duran's awesome cookie recipe! Thanks to you, Erin!

Rob did well on his solo. I am so proud of my husband!! It was really neat to be able to see his solo! I got to ride the bus out to the jet, watch him do his walk-around, start the jet, and taxi out. Then, Jeff drove me out to the end of the runway and we watched him take off! Later, we drove to the landing end of the runway and watched him do patterns and land. SO cool! The Eagle is an awesome jet!! Pictures are below.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, in case some of you missed it. We were privileged to go to one of the other students' houses for a pot luck Thanksgiving. YUM! Jordan fried a turkey and WOW! It was AMAZING!! ... yum... *sigh* Okay, I'm back. I made some of my favorite Thanksgiving food that I look forward to every year: sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cheesecake, and apple tart. All the food there was great and the people were even greater. :-)

Then, I got to enjoy a long weekend with my favorite person in the whole wide world: Rob! He's so awesome. Friday, we went on a simple trip to Lowe's to pick up stuff to make a concrete table top (for a leg I FOUND on the curb) and ended up taking a spontaneous trip to Destin! Gas prices be praised! It's actually not that far - a little over an hour from Panama City. We shopped at the mall and outlet mall and came home with some fun new things. For dinner Rob requested we eat at McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin. It is a really neat place, and has it's own brewery. Highlights were warm honey butter melting over the loaf of bread, a crazy burger menu, and a brewed-in-house root beer float - root beer never tasted so good!

Saturday, Rob took me to drink coffee on the beach. Yea, we live in Florida and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to the beach! Woo hoo! We took a couple little adventure side-trips and ended up on the logging trails next to the base in the rain. It was beautiful scenery! The cold comes slower here, so the trees have time to change their leaves - through my rain-distorted window the yellows, golds, and crimsons were even more breathtaking! We endured a few slippery moments on the back trails in the rain and had to off-road around a closed gate to get out, but had a lot of fun.

Gus follows this sunbeam all through the living room each morning.

We mixed and poured our concrete and it's setting right now, so we'll flip it soon and hopefully, it will easily come out of the mold. We'll keep you updated on our latest decor project.

My engineer husband put t-bolts in the concrete to set so we can easily attach it to the table via L-brackets. I love his problem-solving skills!
Also, I just want to give applause to the greatest job in the world - the one I have - housewife! It is SO fun! I love planning meals, managing the money, cleaning, and doing laundry! Most of all, I love being available for my husband! I love welcoming him home and hearing about his day! I also love hobbies and learning new things! For example, today I'm walking the dog, going to yoga (I love yoga), going to World Market, Wal-Mart, and the base Thrift Shop, and baking cookies for the Airmen Cookie Drive. I'm studying to get my ACE certification to one day teach yoga. I'm going on Thursday to some concrete design shops to see if they'll let me apprentice - learn a little something in exchange for cleaning up. And I'm looking online for awesome and cheap holiday decorations I can make this season. I love my job!!

Rob's solo

On the bus out to the jet

Rob preparing

Me happy in front of the F-15C

Rob doing his walk-around

I like the speed brake

Rob's jet. Tail number: 542

On approach

Sucessful solo!