Friday, February 25, 2011

I love primer in the springtime

If you’re like me, the first sunshine-y semi-warm day puts me in a decorating/ cleaning mood. We had one of those recently here in South Dakota. That’s right, I said a warm day recently in South Dakota – it was 60s and sunny and delightful!

Of course, this week the temps hovered around zero – but the pretty snow on the ground was consolation.

Anyway, I have been saving up for Rob’s departure all my decorating projects and this one is the first tick on my list. I made the shelf off this simple design from Ana White’s website and modified it slightly to be a coat rack as well.



Then, my freshening up of the entry wall made it look so plain. Since I already knew what color I wanted to paint it (I tested it on the upstairs walls earlier) I went ahead and started painting the living room.

*Sigh* I do love fresh paint. It’s like cleaning with color. It makes the same old room suddenly seem polished and fresh and posh.

So, I painted the wall in the living room as I finished the new coat rack. The color is called “Sand Between Your Toes” and I love it. It wraps me in warmth and sunshine while still being a subtle touch of color. Plus, it contrasts nicely with the ultra white that we’re using for trim (and the coat rack).


I felt I needed to divide the space in the entryway. As much as I think I love a great room, one needs a little transition when one walks in the door. Opening the front door to a big one-room place is too overwhelming for me. BUT, Rob didn’t want to sacrifice his line of sight with the front door… SO…


I’ve always wanted to use old windows in my decorating and I finally can! What’s more, I checked out Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and got these for $1 each!

Of course, I missed Rob severely! He’d have had them hung in an hour – but let’s just say it took me MUCH longer. Between joist direction, finding it, learning the spacing, realizing it wasn’t where I needed it to be, figuring out how to hang windows between the joists, and actually doing it… that was about all I accomplished that day.

Don’t my new walls look pretty??

My next step is living room curtains (we’ve been living with shears since we moved in). I’m working on other decorating (most are still in-progress as I learn the personality of this house and as we renovate), but here’s one other room.

Our bedroom. Still in progress, but mostly done.


Notice the rockin’ nightstands! I made those! Modeled out of the West Elm catalog and topped with our concrete sample pieces.

I haven’t figured out what I want in a headboard – I think a piece of architectural salvage would be really neat, but I haven’t found any in South Dakota. I’m thinking about making a headboard and bed frame… don’t know yet.

But I’m having a ton of fun decorating! I finally feel like I’m not living in a hotel. I can live in the happy green bedroom, the warm and shiny bathroom, the blue room (which is my yoga room – awesome!), and now I can live in the living room. Of course, we’re still planning on changing a whole lot in the great room (living/dining/ kitchen), but with Rob’s new deployment schedule, we won’t get to it for almost a year. Ergo… decorate then re-decorate. But such has been my military life anyway. This way, I get to try out TWO living rooms with the same floor plan.

Looking forward to more warm spring days! (but enjoying the snow outside my window for now).


I Kinda Like It Here


Who knew? But South Dakota is NICE! I haven’t minded the winter much at all! Sure, it’s cold, but people know it’s cold and it’s also a matter of having the right equipment.

Christmas gift exchanges were very heavy in the warm clothing category – I think our families must have felt sorry for us – or they at least knew we would appreciate it. I came back with, among other things, a down coat. Mmmmm. Now, I face the winter days with insulation and preparedness. MUCH better.

Plus, when it snows, it’s usually very sunny the next day! That means the snow is sparkly and white and drapes the drab winter under-colors in a fluffy frosting of bright white. I can usually wait until the warmest part of the day to shovel the sidewalk (that’s right, I shovel the sidewalk!) and often become pretty warm with the activity.

Plus, my super-nice neighbor has a snow blower that he loves to use and now that Rob’s gone, he makes sure to do the sidewalks in front of my house (and sometimes more!). Did I mention South Dakota has really nice people?

It’s been snowing this week and sitting in front of my bay window is like staring at a giant snow globe that’s just been turned right-side-up. It’s kinda nice.

Rob left earlier this week for his final training. I dove right in to more home improvement projects, mainly in the vein of decorating, but more on that later.

It’s certainly not nearly as fun without Rob around. He’s only my most favorite person in the entire world, so it’s an obvious given that life will not be quite as full. But I intend to make the best of it and first on the list is a cleaning/ organizing/ decorating campaign. Tasty.

I’m still teaching yoga, and more now that the owner of the studio is going through some medical stuff. I’m picking up a lot of slack and extra classes and not minding the additions to my schedule. I’ve got regulars and I love helping them progress! My teaching is constantly evolving and I’m loving it.

Although, I have decided I need a bit more socialization. I relish nights when Rob works late, so I’ve been getting my fill of eating light meals, watching lots of comedy, taking long baths, doing pedicures, decorating, and doing yoga. But as I filed our taxes and blogged on this Friday night, I realized I probably need to go out.

I shall begin filling my social calendar.