Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Mississippi


Rob isn’t QUITE finished with his training in Mississippi, so we decided it would be fun to have another visit! And of course it is!

Nice scheduling, God – Rob’s flying Saturday was cancelled due to weather and then it cleared up to be a beautiful day at the air show at NAS Meridian! I love air shows with Rob! He knows all about the planes and what makes them cool and how difficult some of the maneuvers they perform are! I love having my own very sexy tour guide!

We’re discovering new restaurants in Meridian – Nick and Al’s pizza is divine! It’s New York style pizza and I must say it comes VERY close!

Dobi’s Rajun Cajun is also very good. The spices are a little mild, but the flavor is good and one can always add some Tabasco (which we did). I have plans to get Sake Sushi and the Thai place in again before I leave as well – YUM!

Today is the first day that’s he’s been in to work with the combo of weather and nonsensical scheduling. So, I’m watching HGTV and blogging, dressed for an online yoga class when I conclude. *sigh* Life is good.

I’m also praying for the slim chance that when he finishes, the rotator will be so backed up that they’ll send him back to South Dakota for a couple weeks… it COULD happen…

In Other News

The seeds are growing.


Cupcakes are baking.


And I owe the completion of my new living room curtains to wonderful Christi! Horaaay! I sewed these!!


The curtain rod isn’t painted and they ran out of white curtain rings… so the whole look isn’t complete, yet, but I’m SO pleased with what they do for the living room! As the living room gets more decorated, be looking forward to more pics and more awesome incorporation of the design that’s still forming in my head.

A little frustrated that I don’t work as fast as I’m sure Rob would have (hanging that curtain rod took way longer than it should have!), but still a little proud of my do-it-yourselfyness.

Ode to the ficus

Very sad news. McRob, the ficus has passed.


We are truly surprised because it seemed like it would never die. Every time we moved, went on vacation, and gave it to friends because we thought we were moving to Japan, it lived. It wilted and looked like it was on its last leg many many times, but it always came back to its original vigor. I think it must have only had nine lives because our trip to Atlanta killed it. I’ve been trying to nurse it back to health ever since we came back in January, but it looks the same. Very sad.

In honor of the ficus, I offer this ode. Dear ficus, we loved you very much. You were with us at the very beginning, as a decoration at our wedding reception. You have lived through sunny days and rotten days. You gave the room oxygen and often stood as an important decorative element in our many different dwellings. You wore twinkly lights and paper cranes with style and finesse.  Thank you for your service, dear ficus. You will be missed.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Since I Last Wrote


I have painted my toenails a delightful spring color (even though no one will see them under my wool socks and ugg boots) called “Guy Meets Gal-veston.” OPI did a line of Texas-inspired names and I just HAD to have one!

I planted seeds for the garden this spring! Looking forward to that fresh produce!


I have been to church without Rob (which is quite depressing, I might add!) I will try again, but it pretty much made me sad the entire rest of the day.

Later that day, I unsuccessfully prepared the main dish for our small group (I burned the venison stew – and am sticking to side dishes and desserts for a couple more weeks!)

I swooned in Mississippi over the Blue Bell ice cream section in Wal Mart and picked up a couple pints to put in Rob’s hotel min-fridge/freezer.


I got my hair cut and love the many layers and how much lighter my head feels!

I made salted caramel cupcakes and shared the sweet saltiness with friends and neighbors.

I traveled to Mississippi to visit Rob! It was divine! And he’s SO dreamy! Even though I missed out on sunny spring southern weather, the overcast skies and periodic thunderstorms kept Rob at the hotel with me! We enjoyed day after day of staying in, honeymoon style. *insert dreamy sigh here*

Alas the week was cut short as flights started to fill up. I blame the combination of spring break and Mardi Gras. Rob drove me to the airport in Jackson for me to catch the evening flight out on Wednesday, only to be turned away by weather cancellations. That meant there was no way I could fly out of that airport tomorrow. So, after an hour-and-a-half-drive back, we got up EARLY (2:45am) to drive to a further airport to catch the earliest flight to DFW. I made it back to Rapid City Wednesday afternoon and went to bed early!

Rob did take to me to eat at some really fun places! The only (the only one we could find anyway) nice restaurant where Rob is doing training served us a nice dinner of crab cakes atop the very best fried green tomatoes I have ever had! (I rescind any earlier lukewarm comments regarding fried green tomatoes – these were perfect!) They were firm, slightly tart, and perfectly fried so the outside was done, but the inside still tasted fresh. Delicious!

The lemon pie I ordered for dessert was also the very best lemon pie I have ever had! It wasn’t too tart or too sweet. It was also topped with real whipped cream, rather than meringue, and that is a sure fire way to my heart! The seal-the-deal was the slivered almonds sprinkled over the whipped cream. The resulting texture was a perfect combination of soft and crunchy.

The very next day, we returned to the nice restaurant for brunch (and ordered the lemon pie again at the end of the meal). I had eggs benedict, which I adore, and was surprised to find it the heartiest eggs benedict I’ve ever had. Instead of canadian bacon, they used a pork chop! Combined with my side of bacon (a whopping four pieces – this place doesn’t skimp!), it was more than enough meat.

In Jackson, he took me to this nice place before my flight. We enjoyed cocktails and fancy appetizers before my meal of very very fresh fried oysters (I still remember Florida’s fresh oysters well!) on a bed of mixed greens, with amazing dressing and some other little things that made it special that I can’t remember at the moment. I remember that the result was GOOOOOOD! Wow, I just made myself very hungry. This restaurant is new and they made every effort to please – the staff was knowledgeable and friendly, the food was delicious and the portion sizes just a little too big, like they were trying really hard (I had at least 8 oysters on my salad!) We would have stayed longer and possibly enjoyed dessert if we weren’t so full and needed to get to my cancelled flight. Oh well. Maybe next time I’m in Jackson, MS….

I gotta get a snack now after all that food talk!

I’ll leave you with some pics from Mississippi. This park had ducks, geese, guineas, and roosters, oh my!

IMG_6582 IMG_6581IMG_6583