Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Spouse is Deployed, Things Break

There’s an old military spouse adage that says “when he’s away, things will break”… okay, I don’t know if there’s an official adage and if there were, I’d like to think it has a much better ring to it that what I just wrote… ANYway…

Happily, I haven’t had anything major like a basement flood (3 people I know) or windows broken from the recent egg-sized hail storm (3 more people I know).

Mine started with a flat tire.

Thanks to my dear father for teaching me how to change a flat when I first started driving (he also always has me keep jumper cables in the car – used them WAY more than once), I was back on the road in a respectable 10 minutes. The next day, I had errands to run and places to be but I heard the voice of my dear father saying, “the spare tire is ONLY to drive you from your flat to the tire place!” So I went to the tire place and an infuriating FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later, I had four new tires.

Very soon after that, the latch on my dishwasher broke. I learned this when I needed to get to the clean kitchen aid mixing bowl for about three days, and in slight desperation, I pulled out one of my top ten favorite tools… the prybar! And miraculously, it opened without harming anything! Prybar moves up the list of favorite tools!!

Perhaps I’ll find a good deal on a new dishwasher for the kitchen remodel, but for now, this is how I begin my dishwasher-emptying… very carefully.


So, if you come over and notice the prybar on the kitchen counter next to the paper towels, just politely look away. Thank you.


And while I simply love my new sunroom floor, the grouting was no small job! It’s taken its toll on my body – in particular, my poor nails. They kind of remind me of a zombie apocalypse movie…  ARRGHHH!


So, at the suggestion of a friend, I sought out some dark nail polish and have found a very nice brown. However, it didn’t stand up to the furniture-building I did the day after I put it on, but at least I don’t look like I’ve been cast in Shawn of the Dead.


Speaking of furniture building… here’s the latest in my project list. I LOVE IT! It will go behind the sofa and will function as a desk for the laptop, a buffet table, or just a table for behind-the-sofa decorations. The plans are here at


In progress