Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bathroom Before and After







Concrete countertop curing


Bathroom cabinet that my super-skilled husband MADE!


And more final pics of my new favorite room of the house!


Getting handles and pulls soon. They will match the faucet.


Yes, that box controls the heated floor. Yes, it’s programmable and is set to be warm when we wake up. Yes, it’s awesome.


And these are the cabinets that Rob built to be set into the walls maximizing storage. I just think he’s the most talented husband in the world!





Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ode to The Flying Biscuit


I love The Flying Biscuit. We ate here a couple years when Rob and I came to Atlanta for Valentine’s Day. I bought the recipe book. Once again, it steals my heart.

The food is a perfect blend of comforting and interesting. For example:

Biscuits and gravy. Delicious. Simple. Familiar. Yet, the biscuits are lighter and fluffier, with a little sugar sprinkled into eggwhite brushed on top, giving them a little something extra – like a biscuit/scone. The gravy is made from turkey sausage and has familiar textures and flavors, yet special – there’s something more there in the spices. Yum.

I also love the chocolate bread pudding, made from their leftover signature biscuits – it’s dense, yet fluffy… light, yet rich… chocolate-y, yet creamy… I love the balance! And that something extra that makes it special!

I make the blueberry cobbler from their recipe book often. I love it. It’s fairly straightforward, except there’s a bit of cardamom in the biscuit topping, giving it that extra something. It’s familiar, but special…

Everything on their menu has that special quality of making your brain go, “oh, I’m familiar with this food, no big deal” and the mouth go, “whoa! this is new! I like it!”


Adventures in Atlanta


The time here has been simply wonderful! There’s no remodeling to be done, no chaos in my kitchen and living room, and nothing at all that has to be done… not even blogging. It’s divine.

I have spent my days relaxing, walking, shopping, yoga-ing, and eating! Atlanta is awesome! There’s stuff to do and places to go and everything! And stores! Real stores! And the yoga instruction is great – I’m trying to absorb as much as I physically can!

Some highlights:

Ethiopian food on New Year’s Eve. It was yummy! Eating with one’s hands is really fun! The owner was so nice and gave me extra of the side dish I adored!

Shopping at real stores, and touching the fabric, not opening internet windows!

Eating at Nava and this WOW-beyond-words dessert. That cube is filled with chocolate mousse.


Eating at the Flying Biscuit. Atlanta does breakfast REALLY well! I mean, it’s amazing! This is my favorite breakfast place, but Chicken and Waffles is pretty good too… and Thumbs Up… and every other breakfast we’ve tried!

This amazing yarn store in Virginia Highlands! Everyone who came in was showing off what they’d made, or sitting at tables knitting and talking. It was delightful! I made a return trip just because it was such a fun place!


Aerial Yoga, done from hammocks hung from the ceiling. It didn’t seem difficult at first, but my muscles were DEFINITELY sore the next day!

photo 202

Here’s some photos of fun things I saw while out. Enjoy.

IMG_6452a Yes, those dogs are all wearing sunglasses and matching sweaters. And yes, they match the dog-walker as well.


Did you know this is how brussels sprouts grow?

IMG_6455The very nifty yarn ball winder at the fun yarn store – Knitch.

 photo 203More aerial yoga.