Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Tools

Yes, you can start singing from the Sound of Music… :-)

First, my new favorite – the Bosch orbital sander.


This little baby makes sanding SO much easier! What was I THINKING when I hand sanded?? That was just plain crazy. Not only does it sand smoothly and effectively, but there is almost NO dust! It’s filtration system is so awesome that I sanded in my living room and one could hardly even notice there had been a project!

My first favorite – the Ridgid shopvac.


It makes cleanup so rewarding – to watch all your sawdust, leaves, and dirt be immediately erased is nothing short of bliss.

The miter saw.


While the table saw is still a bit intimidating (although we are much better friends now that we interact often), the miter saw is so easy to use. There’s no big ado when you just need to make one little cut. I used this one a lot making legs for the bedside tables.

The air compressor/nail gun.


SO fun! Putting up wood paneling, nailing trim, and nailing faces to cabinets or storage boxes is amazingly fast and easy. Plus, the ker-CHUNK sound it makes when it nails gives you that “yea, I’m using a power tool” feeling.

What are your favorite tools?

Latest Projects

This chandelier was just screaming for a makeover.









Eventually, that wall will come down, making way for a breakfast bar in the great room. But for now, it’s a pretty green accent wall.

And the sunroom looks much sunnier now! Special thanks to the ladies who helped me cut wood paneling! We have a bunch of very talented Air Force wives!





Eventually, we’d like full windows, but this is a nice solution for now. I’m thinking of painting this room – but what color? White? Pale grey-green? Pale blue? Pale yellow like the outside of the house? Or just leave the wood paneling…

And check out what I made yesterday!

My new entryway bench is now nicely painted (finally!) with an upholstered top. The long-wise stripes were a mistake in retrospect, but I like all the colors in the pattern.



And these boxes are assembled (minus doors) and almost ready for implementation in basement storage. Thanks to Dad for his help!!


And lots of flowers are coming up! I love all the splashes of color in the yard now!


And I have rhubarb! I didn’t even know! I love living in a house previously owned by a gardener! Pie, anyone?


View from the guestroom window – tulips, daffodils, rose bush, and lilies.


South Dakota is pretty, huh?