Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to Abilene!

We've moved! Yes, we're in a land with highway bypasses and 70 mph speed limits, knock-your-socks-off Mexican food around every corner, and the nicest people and the purdiest women you've ever seen... that's right, Abilee-een!

This is our new home. And this is the SNOW on our first weekend living there! YIKES!! I miss Florida!!

We got to unpack our boxes after a whole SEVEN months of living out of our suitcases (yes, I bought more clothes). I thought it would be a little more fun than it was... some of the stuff was a delight to have access to again, but most of it, we certainly didn't need or we would have needed it... so there was some "why do we have this, again??" But, we knew we wanted to scale down and this not-too-big house motivates us to do just that. Excellent. Garage sale coming up.

Again, the timing was very sovereign. We arrived at the TLF in Abilene with a very negative guy at the front desk of TLF, "You're looking for a rental? Heh, good LUCK!" Uh. Thanks. But, we drove around for a couple days and looked inside a few houses and found this AWESOME one!! It is owned by another B-1 pilot (did not know that!). They had gutted this cute old house with character in a wonderfully architecturally diverse neighborhood, redone everything, and had JUST put it on the rental list the day we saw it. Accordingly, they weren't entirely moved out and all our stuff was in a Penske truck needing to be unloaded. But, it worked out that they could empty a room for us and we unloaded our rental in a measly FOUR hours (that's a very short amount of time for unloading a 26-foot truck, for those of you who don't know)!

After Thanksgiving, we took possession of the house and started unpacking our goods.

This is only part of the chaos that ensued.

We also purchased a washer-dryer in excellent timing! We waited until after Black Friday, stalking Craiglist, hoping a purchaser of a new "great deal" wanted to sell his perfectly good, barely used washer-dryer and YES! We got the 4-year-old pair for $250 just a few hours after its posting online. SCORE! (We actually sold our 3-year-old pair for $325). Talk about AWEsome! We joyed in washing clothes at our own home since April (Hallelujah!).

That's the news for now. My car is in the shop with a clutch replacement and I'm totally sad not to have those heated seats in this freezing weather (yes, it is actually below 32, I'm not just being dramatic).

Rob has started B-1 class and has enjoyed his first few days. It's great to hear him relay with excitement some of the neat things the B-1 can do. We're both excited to begin this new chapter of our lives.

Oh yea! And since we're so close to our old home in Wichita Falls, we got to crash our old church group's Christmas party!! We love you guys!!