Friday, November 13, 2009


So, the other Sunday during "stand and greet one another time," I was talking to a small group of college students sitting behind us. When I said something that went unheard, the college student said, "I'm sorry, what, ma'am?"

My Mind: Uh... what? Did he just call me ma'am?? Surely he was talking to someone else... no... he was definitely talking to me.... ma'am? Do I look like a ma'am? He's in college! Surely I don't look that much older than him! Why would he call me ma'am?? What just happened?? No!!!!!! I'm too young to be called ma'am by college students!! I just turned 30! *gasp* No! Does something happen when one turns 30? Is there an invisible line? What is going ON????

Music starts up and we turn around to pay attention to the service as our conversation winds down.

Me: Did that guy just call me "ma'am?"

Rob: Yea, I was wondering if you heard that. Don't worry about it. Remember the first time you met our old college pastor's wife? She didn't look old, but you knew she was older than you? I think I called her ma'am when I first met her.

My Mind: Hmm, okay. She was certainly not anything close to old-looking then and still isn't. And if overly polite male college students feel compelled to call me ma'am, I guess I shouldn't fret about it. Ugh. Vanity.

Subaru. Love.

I was always a little skeptical of my friends who said, "I LOVE my Subaru!" I mean, people just raved about those cars. I thought to myself, "They must be brainwashed... I mean, seriously? A Subaru? Yeah, right."

Well, I love my Subaru. I know! Weird.

It's got nice lines. It's a pretty shape. It's not as hot as a new Camaro or anything, but it is a very pleasing-to-look-at car.

I LOVE the sunroof. It's HUGE! And it opens all the way back! Although it's not a convertible, it does let the sun shine in and the sky be easily visible while driving. I love to see the blue sky!

Heated seats are AWEsome! While the car doesn't have ice cold A/C or anything that makes it especially good in hot weather, it has lots of things that make me happy in cold weather!! (much more important for warm-weather-loving-me). Heated seats are my favorite! It also has a sunroof to heat up the car with sunlight, black leather seats, a very warm heater, amazing defoggers on the front, back, and SIDE VIEW MIRRORS! Uh-HUH!

This brings me to the drive. The most important part. It drives GREAT! The turbo is FAST! I think it's faster than my Miata! I LOVE it!! I take off from a stoplight, accelerate in front of traffic with no effort whatsoever, and am in fourth gear before I know it! The gear ratios are perfect!! First is small, just for takeoff. Second is for acceleration and up to 40-something. Third is long and lovely; fourth is dreamy; and fifth is cruisin'.

The all wheel drive makes it drive much smaller than it is. It has a tight turn ratio, great maneuverability - you would never know it's a wagon!

While passing people in traffic, I actually find myself emitting a spontaneous "WHEEEE..." This is a fun car!

Okay, maybe I have been brainwashed somehow. But I love my Subaru.

*Note: this post in no way diminishes my love for my former cars. The '68 Camaro and '00 Miata will forever be in my heart. I love you all!*