Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Many Little Projects

In addition to the cabinets coming together in the garage, this pregnant wife decided she wanted landscaping added to the renovation schedule. I know, she’s crazy!

Anyway, my amazing husband accommodated and spent his afternoons last week preparing the new place for the backyard shed, digging dirt and moving rocks. I leveled the flower bed and moved the rose bushes ( I hope they live!) and yesterday, our backyard opened up beautifully as the shed was relocated!

The contents of the shed are still in the sunroom.


My leveled flower bed – Rob moved the big rocks.


The backyard so much more open after the shed is moved! 


Before (for comparison)


We’re on the schedule for a landscaper to come out and do a patio, a retaining wall, and some planting beds… SO excited!!

Other little projects:

Planted seeds


Finally added mirror and hardware to the downstairs bathroom.


Finally cleaned out the basement. The lighting in the basement still drives me crazy. The paper lanterns worked well at first, but were never meant for long term use and many of them have disintegrated. Will be finding another cheap solution soon.


Demo’d the wood boxes in the basement (as we’ve finally used all the firewood) and this space can now be utilized as a guest bedroom! How do you like that rockin’ 70s style basement?


Last but not least, Rob and I poured the concrete samples trying out options for the concrete countertops in the kitchen. We have to wait a couple weeks before we can polish them and really see what they’ll look like. Left to right, they are: adding white, normal concrete grey, adding black dye, and swirling the black and white…

IMG_7416 IMG_7417

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitchen Beginnings

My amazing husband has just finished the structure of the future base cabinets! This is the layout of our new kitchen!!!


Above: I’m standing about where the refrigerator will be. The dishwasher will be to the right of the sink, and the oven/stove will be in that open spot on the right (see below).


Below: What the view will be from the dining room. The faces are made of cherry wood. I plan on staining them natural, leaving them a nice medium shade. Underneath the “Rob” banner will be a fridge, then on the left a huge pantry!!


I’ve been polyurethane-ing the shelves on the base cabinets and decided to build a little storage while I was in the garage (with the heaters on for a few hours, it’s about 50! Yay insulation!). I used some of the leftover barn wood to match the work bench and attached hooks according to what we most often needed to use in the garage. Rob appreciates his new storage shelf.IMG_7397