Monday, May 9, 2016

Baby Leif's Birth Story

So, if you’ve read my previous two birth stories, this one is actually nothing like those. And don’t too excited – when I say this labor was longer, it just means it was longer than the lightning fast births of my previous children.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My friends with multiple kids said their births were all different. Similar. But different. I have joined their ranks.

This little guy was due on April 18. I had been certain (absolutely certain!) a third child would come earlier and more rapidly than the previous two. Well, as many third borns do, this child reminded me over and over again that he is different than his siblings.

Well, Friday, April 22 rolled around and still nothing. After putting the kids to bed, I felt some contractions that seemed regular and we started timing. Nothing serious. About 9 or 10 that evening, I decided to get some rest, realizing that a middle of the night birth might very well be in my future. About 11, I moved to a more focused position, theorizing I very likely would have a middle of the night birth.

At 1, Rob made the call to go to the hospital. He reasoned that the contractions were now 5 min apart and he really wasn’t interested in the rapid change that resulted in his catching a baby.

Once at the hospital, I realized why I really didn’t want to go to the hospital too early. The room smelled funny. The lighting was weird. And the nurse kept interrupting me with paperwork and monitoring. I found it difficult to recreate my “zen” that I had with my previous two births. Anyway, we got all checked in and I settled into my new “zone.”

Contractions went pretty normal. Actually it was kind of boring.

So, boring contractions. Really boring. Progession made – 4 to 5 cm from 2am to 4:45am. I had some good ones after that, but she didn’t check me.

About 6, labor started to wane. I was a little confused. I kept preparing for more intense contractions and finding them way too easy to deal with. About 7, I was still having contractions, but they were nothing to focus on and I was thinking “Man, I wish I could get some big breakfast right now.”

Anyway, my doctor had thought she would be headed to the hospital for me about 4 (as I did!) but we didn’t see each other until she made her rounds at 8am. I was dilated to 8cm. We agreed for her to break my water. I was SO ready!

When contractions got more intense, I felt so GLAD to finally be in more serious labor!

The following takes place between 8:30 and 9:45am.

I finally tried a couple different positions and was just downright disappointed my favorite “zen” meditation position wasn’t working for me. I had some back labor and theorize baby wasn’t turning just the right way. Once I tried hanging over the back of the bed, I found it! Labor started progressing much more intensely. Finally!!!! I had asked Rob to be encouraging and a VERY short time later I was telling him “No words. Do not say ANY words to me!”

The nurse started asking if I felt like pushing and I remember thinking “Well, it feels like it did while driving to the hospital last time.” But I couldn’t actually articulate that into words so I think I might have said, “Sort of.”

A couple of contractions later, I hadn’t realized my filter from brain to mouth was completely and utterly gone when I apparently yelled “PUUUUSH!” My brain was thinking, “I should tell the people in the room that this feeling is most definitely pushing.” My mouth was not on board with the eloquence. Later, Rob was telling me about this big push and I said, “I yelled push??...” Rob: “Yes. Loudly.”

Well, baby’s head was out! Doctor came in and caught the rest of baby and I definitely remember yelling “YEESSSSS!” I was so happy the hard part of labor was over and baby was finally born!! I felt like I’d had a really good run and just stayed where I was, breathing like I’d had an intense workout (which science says I had). It felt so good to be done!!

Baby was born at 9:45am. I adore the hormones that occur with a natural childbirth! I felt happy and well and proud.

Was Rob happy to not be catching a baby? Yes. Yes, he was. 

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